Katy Perry’ Wants 3D Printed Shark Taken Down

It had been just Tuesday that people reported on which we thought was a remarkably entertaining three dimensional printed figurine. For individuals individuals who viewed the halftime show from the Super Bowl, you’re certainly acquainted with the dancing Sharks who behaved as backup ballroom dancers throughout Katy Perry’s performance. One particular shark has gained internet fame, meme status, and also the interesting title of ‘Left Shark’.His title comes from the truth that he was dancing on the left side with regards to Perry once we viewed her performance. His fame comes due to his absurdly off key dance moves that made lots of people question when the person underneath the costume was either drunk or on drugs. Works out that producers from the show say it had become a part of the act.Anyhow, on Tuesday, Fernando Sosa (Also known as PoliticalSculptor) approached 3DPrint.com to tell us that his three dimensional printed Left Shark had just gone survive three dimensional printing marketplace Shapeways. Open to buy for just $24.95, this figurine looks almost just like the sharks who carried out in Katy Perry’s Super Bowl show. These were apparently hot items too, as Sosa told us he offered one of these just seven minutes after he published it on Shapeways.